Quota setup on an existing volume

Here, we will be setting up quota on an existing volume.

Step 1:

Create an empty ‘.conf’ file e.g. ‘quota.conf’ and add the following to it:

# Usage:
#       gdeploy -c quota.conf
# This config enables and sets up quota limit for the specified volume


#You can skip the above if quota is already enabled on the volume


‘1x2_vol’ is the name of our volume and is one of the hosts / nodes in the cluster.

Step 2:

Run this file using the following command:

$gdeploy -c quota.conf

Step 3:

You can check whether quota has been set using the command:

$gluster vol quota 1x2_vol list

This command should be run on the machine where the volume exists. ‘1x2_vol’ is the name of our volume.